At Untamed Animal Health Essentials (PTY)LTD, we take a caring and scientific approach to creating high-quality, effective, and safe supplements that optimize the well-being of pets and horses. Our philosophy is rooted in harnessing the power of nature to bring out the best in every animal, allowing them to thrive.

To ensure the utmost quality and efficacy, our product formulations are based on meticulous research and rigorous testing.  We employ only the finest natural ingredients in our formulations. Each supplement is carefully developed to address a wide range of health concerns, including joint care, immune system enhancement, digestive health, emotional well-being, skin & coat health, athletic recovery and performance, reproductive function, overall resilience, and vitality.

Our dedication to natural health support is founded on the belief that animals thrive when provided with multi-system natural care. We rely on evidence-based approaches to offer you trusted solutions that support the optimal health and longevity of your beloved companions.

We deeply value the trust placed in us by pet and horse owners worldwide, and we honor that trust by providing exceptional customer service, educational resources, and ongoing support. As partners in the journey towards optimal health and happiness for cherished animal companions, we strive to build lasting relationships with our customers.

Untamed Animal Health Essentials (PTY) LTD recognizes the unique essence of your Wild at Heart Ones and holds a genuine dedication to their well-being. Embracing a scientific approach to natural advancement, we are steadfast in our mission to make a significant difference in the well-being and quality of life for pets and horses everywhere.


Our Untamed Pets range provides cats with superior natural health care to optimize overall well-being and  support healthy function of multiple body systems, including the urinary tract, digestive system, immune system and emotional health.



In dogs, the Untamed formulations promote internal restoration on multiple physiological levels.  They provide your loved one with intensive care and protection promoting optimal condition, health and performance to a whole new level.



Untamed Equine, is scientifically formulated with only pure natural extracts.  These extracts have been proven to provide safe, effective and targeted healthcare so that your horse can enjoy a long life to its fullest, looking good and performing at his best.


All of our ingredients are:
*100% Natural, with no additives, no artificial flavourings, no preservatives, no gluten, no sugar and no stimulants
*Certified & produced to highest standard
*Human-grade and of exceptional quality.
*All our nutraceuticals are registered and can be claimed from medical aid funds.
*UNTAMED is Tried, Tested and Trusted – Endorsed by Veterinary Doctors

UNTAMED Animal Health (PTY)LTD promises you, our ULTIMATE, to provide your Wild at Heart One with superior natural healthcare, for the quality of life that he or she deserves.

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