Why Canine and Equine Health Supplements are essential: The Fascinating Relationship Between Animals and Medicinal Herbs

In the vast realm of the natural world, a remarkable phenomenon exists: the innate ability of animals to self-medicate. Animals have evolved to instinctively seek out and consume specific plants and herbs to address their health needs, showcasing a profound connection between the animal kingdom and the healing properties of nature.


Self-Medicating Abilities in the Wild:

In the wild, animals encounter various health challenges, such as infections, parasites, and injuries. Fascinatingly, natural remedies like herbs provide natural defence mechanisms against these challenges, granting animals a survival advantage by preventing or treating illnesses, promoting healing, and enhancing overall health. Reiterated by Ruth Hatten, a Holistic Animal Care Mentor, she states:

“Herbs are plants that have medicinal benefits. Herbs can be beneficial in alleviating illness, especially where the illness is chronic. But herbs can also be used to support health and prevent disease.”


Sophisticated Self-Medication Behaviours:

Horses in the wild showcase their innate intelligence and adaptability by selectively foraging for plants and herbs to address various health concerns. They instinctively seek out herbs that offer relief for issues like digestive discomfort, respiratory ailments, joint inflammation, and skin irritations. Even our domesticated pets, such as dogs and cats, display limited self-medication behaviours like consuming grass to induce vomiting or ingesting specific plants for their medicinal properties and personal pet health care.


The Power of Herbs and Natural Superfoods:

Herbs and natural superfoods are considered powerful in the animal kingdom for several reasons. They contain a diverse array of biologically active compounds and nutrients like amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. These compounds possess significant health-promoting properties, which are key to longevity, growth, and the exceptional performance of your beloved companion.

As per Dr. Beth Turner’s article, Herbs & Spices for Dogs:

“While many herbs and spices can provide our dogs with benefits, there are some that can be harmful. “

As a result, it is wiser to put your faith in a researched and scientifically proven brand like UNTAMED Animal Health, as we have conducted the studies and have been tried, tested, and recommended by veterinary professionals to maintain optimal equine and pet health with our natural combination superfoods for animals.


Co-evolution and Adaptation

Plants and animals have co-evolved over millions of years, resulting in a mutually beneficial relationship. Animals have developed physiological mechanisms to recognise and respond to the beneficial compounds present in natural remedies. They possess cellular receptors and sensory systems that enable them to detect and harness the medicinal properties of herbs. This co-evolutionary process equips animals with the means to gain a survival advantage by preventing illnesses, promoting healing, and improving overall health.


How to Support Equine and Pet Health

Limited access to natural remedies found in domestication has impacted the self-medication abilities of our pets and horses. However, naturopathic health supplements like the Untamed Animal Health range can bridge the gap. Domesticated animals may lack the same exposure to natural environments and diverse plant species as their wild counterparts, limiting their opportunities for self-selection and self-healing. Naturopathic health supplements provide a convenient and reliable way to offer the beneficial compounds found in herbs that may be missing from their regular diet or environment. These supplements address the health challenges faced by domesticated animals by supporting joint health, digestive health, immune function, skin conditions, anxiety, and cognitive decline.

Holistic Well-being and Natural Safety of Pets and Horses

Naturopathic pet and equine health supplements address the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of well-being. They can be used as single remedies or to complement other medical treatments, dietary modifications, and lifestyle interventions, promoting overall equine and pet health and balance in our beloved animals. Derived from natural sources and formulated using the highest quality ingredients, these supplements offer a gentle and safe approach to supporting health without the potential side effects associated with some conventional medications. This can be particularly beneficial for pets and horses that may be more sensitive to synthetic compounds.


In conclusion

The profound relationship between animals and the healing properties of nature, is exemplified by the remarkable power of plants in the animal kingdom. Animals’ innate instinct to self-medicate with herbs and natural superfoods is a testament to their deep connection with the natural world. This behaviour is driven by their inherent wisdom, co-evolutionary history with plants, and adaptability, which contribute to their survival. By acknowledging and harnessing this extraordinary bond, the natural approach to equestrian and pet health offers a comprehensive and natural solution to address potential and existing health challenges. Through this approach, we can enhance the well-being and safeguard the longevity of our beloved Wild at Heart Ones.


Contact us to receive guidance on the best pet and equine health supplements for optimal equestrian and pet health care. Dr. Jeanne-Marie Lambrechts, our expert naturopath, will respond directly to your inquiries.


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