Things That Are Toxic to Dogs and Cats

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The Hidden Things That Are Toxic to Dogs and Cats

Our pets are most often exposed to harmful chemicals like BPA, parabens, Phthalates, PBDEs, PCBs, Persistent organic pollutants, PFAS, heavy metals, pharmaceutical chemicals, viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites, and toxic byproducts prevalent in:

  • polluted air, second-hand smoke, air fresheners,

  • excessive use of cat and dog medicines, vaccines, tick & flea treatments, antibiotics, hormones

  • low quality pet foods, food preservatives, artificial flavours,

  • herbicides and pesticides that are used in the home or outside

  • household cleaners, paints, and other industrial chemicals.

  • toxic plants

  • Pet toys and accessories

  • Your pet’s body also produces internal toxins/wastes from natural body processes like free radicals, waste products from parasites/fungi/bacteria/viruses, lactic acid, urea etc.

Exposure to these toxins may cause immediate medical urgency or can, over the long term, detrimentally impact your pet’s health, and significantly increase the risk for multiple chronic diseases like:

  • cancer,

  • lung disease,

  • reproductive disorders,

  • nervous system disease,

  • emotional disturbances and behavioural problems,

  • diabetes,

  • kidney failure,

  • liver disease,

  • skin conditions,

  • obesity, and

  • heart conditions

  • thyroid disease

The chemical body burden of the modern pet is however markedly higher than what his natural environment would have exposed him too, and even higher..

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