Untamed Skin+ provides an integrative systemic approach to address the multifactorial nature of skin disorders in pets. The product is formulated with natural extracts that have been clinically researched and shown to safely and effectively reduce inflammation, regulate immune responses, improve gut function, promote detoxification, and stimulate cellular regeneration and healing.

Skin disorders in dogs and cats can be caused by various contributing factors, such as intestinal dysbiosis, intestinal permeability, toxic stress, drug intake, stress levels, systemic inflammation, auto-immunity, microbial infections, and immune imbalance/genetic allergies. Untamed Skin+ targets these factors to promote optimal skin health.

Clinical studies have demonstrated that the natural extracts provided by Untamed Skin+ significantly aid in the treatment of skin diseases in dogs and cats such as skin allergies, acute and chronic skin infections, inflammatory skin disorders, dull/dry/itchy coat, insect bites or other irritations, food sensitivities, and detoxification support.

Untamed Skin+ is prescribed by veterinarians, and its 100% natural, pharmaceutical, and human-grade ingredients ensure the safety of pets.

In conclusion, the evidence supports the use of Untamed Skin+ as a comprehensive solution for skin disorders in pets. By targeting multiple biological levels, it promotes a healthy and lustrous skin and coat, while enhancing overall health.


🟢Digestive Health

One of the first line organ defence systems is the gastrointestinal tract (GIT).It is in the GIT that most inflammatory diseases start from. The GIT is an intricate system that protects the internal physiological environment from external pathological insult. The digestive defence system involves the probiotics, enzymes, digestive juices, immune cells and immune modulators, and a healthy absorptive mucosal lining. Factors like infection, stress, food preservatives and additives, toxins, antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs, trauma or burns may damage the digestive ecosystem, reduce effective digestion and immune protection, and subsequently increase damage to the digestive lining. Increased permeability of the digestive lining increases the absorption of undigested food particles, toxic molecules and pathological organisms which may significantly increase the risk of systemic degenerative diseases including skin disorders2.

Impaired probiotic balance increases the risk of dysbiosis, which is the overgrowth of pathological organisms like fungi, parasites and bacteria. Dysbiosis is proposed to be a major cause of diseases like skin disorders and food allergies, and may be associated with urticaria, allergy, anxiety, depression and cognitive dysfunction, and metabolic disease1.

Curcumin enhances digestive health by:

• stimulating the release of digestive enzymes like amylase, lipase, and chymotrypsin which support proper digestion of food25,
• stimulating bile secretion and bile flow which enhances digestion of fats and promotes elimination of toxic waste products27,28,
• protecting against infections and inflammation in the digestive tract. These insults could increase permeability of the gut lining, and subsequently induce immune hyper-responsiveness and allergic reactions manifesting through the skin25,26.

BURDOCK (Arctium lappa)
Burdock supports digestive health53 by providing inulin which serves as a fibre and prebiotic. As a bitter herb, it also stimulates bile flow54 and gastric juices which supports proper digestion, and promotes the elimination of metabolic waste products and toxic by-products, like drugs and heavy metals52.

SCHISANDRA (Schisandra chinensis)
Schisandra benefits gastrointestinal disorders like hyper- or hypo secretion of gastric juices, gastric infection, inflammation, and ulcers84. It regulates bowel motility, and improves levels of beneficial probiotics 85,86.

SPIRULINA (Spirulina platensis)
Spirulina is an excellent prebiotic, acting as food source for various beneficial intestinal flora like Lactobacillus and Bifidus species19. It also displays significant anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antiviral, and antibiotic abilities20-22,66. Research demonstrates that Spirulina provides substantial protection against toxin-induced inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). IBD induced by toxins is associated with immune cell infiltration, chronic inflammation, ulceration, swelling of the digestive lining, bleeding and tissue degeneration. Spirulina supplementation significantly reduces the toxin-induced inflammation, immune cell infiltration and abscess formation in the digestive lining, and stimulates healing67. Owing to its high concentration of antioxidants, Spirulina possesses great anticancer potential, and may reduce the risk of cancer development and progression. Research validates its supportive use in prevention and treatment of colon cancer 68-70.

KELP (Ascophyllum nodosum)
Kelp, like Spirulina, is a rich source of fibre which supports digestive health in multiple ways. It improves bowel movement, serves as a prebiotic food source for beneficial gut flora, reduces gastrointestinal inflammation, and subsequently reduces the incidence of inflammatory bowel conditions, and colorectal cancer71. Kelp supports efficient detoxification of toxins excreted into the bowel via the bile, by improving bowel movement, and stimulating healthy probiotic levels. Probiotics protect the body against toxic chemicals, pesticides and heavy metals by blocking its absorption, binding and degrading the toxic agents, and promoting its elimination via feces72-79.


Animals experience tension similarly to humans.  Stress induced abnormal behaviour is related to breed, sex, environmental changes, behaviour of the owner, and experiences as a young animal.  In animals, stress associated with adaptation-related problems and trauma can cause skin disturbances like atopic dermatitis, itchiness, and lick granuloma3.

Curcumin demonstrates substantial benefit in emotional and mental well-being with its balancing effects on neurotransmitters like dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine5,8,9.  Curcumin also has powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory attributes, and may be of exceptional benefit to the health and function of the animal nervous system. It protects the nervous system against pathological nerve cell degeneration, and enhances the regeneration of damaged nerve cells. It further stimulates the production of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF). BDNF attributes to growth and maturation of nerve cells and promotes their survival10. Curcumin provides protection against neurodegenerative and psychiatric disorders like age related cognitive decline, depression, epilepsy, stroke, toxin-induced neurotoxicity and tardive dyskinesia, and stress induced learning and memory deficits 4-7,10.

Schisandra is well researched for its adaptogenic effects, which improves the ability of an organism to adapt to various kinds of stress factors, and protect against damage caused by such factors.  Schisandra protects healthy function of multiple body systems like the nervous system, cardiovascular system, immune system, liver, kidneys, digestive system, and skin.  It improves mental and physical performance by enhancing physical endurance, accuracy of movement, mental energy and focus.  It aids in neurological disorders like depression, anxiety and neurosis, alleviates stress related fatigue, and improves emotional wellbeing.84


Allergic, inflammatory skin disorders are characterized by increased IgE levels, and raised levels of white blood cells including eosinophils, lymphocytes and histamine-releasing mast cells, which provoke an allergic inflammatory response45,46. Th2 helper lymphocytes are the most prominent cell types involved in the development of allergic dermatitis. Unregulated increased Th2 cell activity increases the release of inflammatory mediators, which lead to itching and impaired barrier function of the mucosal membranes and skin47.

Curcumin, well-known for its immune-modulating properties, alleviates symptoms associated with allergic immune responses by regulating Th1(inflammatory) and Th2 cytokine (autoimmunity/allergy) responses, inhibiting IgE levels, and inhibiting mast cell degranulation which releases histamine23.  These properties give Curcumin great potential for clinical management of allergic reactions like asthma, food allergies and allergy related skin conditions24.

Burdock exerts anti-allergy protection by reducing the release of mast cells which are the main effector cells involved in allergic and immediate hypersensitivity reactions48.  Burdock has also been found to increase both Th1 and Th2 cell counts, but suppresses allergy related Th2 function, alleviating allergic reactions, but increasing immune protection49.

Astragalus is traditionally used for its potent immune modulating actions.  It is not only indicated for chronic immune weakness, but also for immune hyper-responsiveness associated with allergies. Studies indicate that Astragalus significantly regulates the Th1 and Th2 immune response, by increasing expression of Th1 and decreasing Th2 dominance in allergic conditions.  It also reduces eosinophil infiltration, interleukin-4 and 13, and IgE concentrations, with a resultant alleviation of allergy symptoms91,92. Astragalus is also known for improving resistance against pathogenic infections.

Schisandra is traditionally used to treat multiple immune disorders, including allergies, eczema and allergic skin conditions.  Research reports that Schisandra’s anti-allergy effects are related to inhibited degranulation, transcription, and translation of allergy-related inflammatory mediators in IgE-antigen complex cells88.  It reduces IgE, IgM and histamine serum level, decreases mast cell infiltration, alleviates epidermal hyperplasia and reduces scratch frequency89.

Propolis enhances immune function by increasing the activity of bactericidal immune cells, and increasing antibody production123,124. It also demonstrates anti-allergy activity by inhibiting histamine release, decreasing inflammatory mediators, and inhibiting airway inflammation and hyperresponsiveness.125-126

Spirulina is well researched for its immune modulating activities.  It may enhance immune function by increasing cellular destruction of infectious agents, increasing antibody protection, and promoting production of other immune modulating chemicals.  Spirulina can also reduce immune system hyper-responsiveness as in the case of allergies, arthritis, and organ transplants90.


To strengthen the natural defence systems and improve resistance against chronic disease conditions like allergies, autoimmunity, weakened immune function and chronic skin infections, it is vital to reduce the burden of internal toxic wastes and by-products, and heal inflammation caused.  This can be accomplished by:

  • enhancing neutralization of toxic products and free radicals through antioxidant scavenging,
  • promoting efficient function of Phase I and Phase II enzyme detoxification systems. (Phase I enzymes metabolize toxins into reactive intermediates or free radicals) and Phase II enzymes neutralize the toxins from Phase I, and facilitate their excretion.)
  • promoting elimination of these wastes via the liver, kidneys, lungs, digestive tract, and skin,
  • and providing essential nutrients for optimal regeneration and healing.

Spirulina is a rich supply of nutrients like protein, fibre, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and antioxidants. It nourishes the body, protects against disease-causing agents, and promotes healing.  Spirulina supports systemic detoxification systems by neutralizing and eliminating toxic chemicals like pesticides, chemical drugs and heavy metals like lead, cadmium, mercury and arsenic.  It also protects against liver damage caused by such toxins 11-17.   Spirulina also enhances healthy probiotic levels which supports detoxification of toxic chemicals, heavy metals, and pathogenic organisms 72-83.

Curcumin supports detoxification of various circulating toxins by downregulating Phase I detoxification and upregulating Phase II detoxification systems.  In addition, to its depurative actions, its marked antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties provides Curcumin with great efficacy in reducing the total body burden of inflammatory- and toxic stress.  These types of stressors, weaken immune protection and predispose the mammal to skin diseases associated with microbial infections, allergies, cancer, and autoimmunity.

Burdock is traditionally known as a depurative, which enhances systemic detoxification systems, and promotes the elimination of toxins.  Burdock is also a liver protective extract.  It reduces toxin-induced liver damage by enhancing cytochrome P-450 detoxification of toxins, and increasing the activity of antioxidant glutathione to reduce inflammatory damage43,44.  Burdock is a bitter herb which stimulates bile secretion, enhancing elimination of toxins via the digestive tract.  As a diuretic, it also supports kidney function50,51, and promotes elimination of wastes via the kidneys. As a diaphoretic54, Burdock promotes the excretion of toxins via the skin.  Burdock is commonly used to treat various skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema, acne, boils, abscesses, and allergic dermatitis.

Schisandra exerts antioxidant and liver protective activities. Research show that it enhances detoxification, and protects liver cells against toxic damage, by reducing inflammation, neutralizing free radical-induced oxidative damage, and activating Phase II detoxification enzymes to facilitate elimination of the toxins93.

Propolis counteracts the toxic effects of various chemicals on the liver, like paracetamol and carbon tetrachloride (ingredient in solvents, cleaning products, aerosols and refrigerants)127,128.  Propolis, with its significant antioxidant properties, enhances protection against cancer.  It has the ability to inhibit DNA synthesis in tumour cells, induce cancer cell death, and activate macrophages to produce immune modulators and regulate immune cell activity.  It also demonstrates benefit when used in combination of chemotherapy agents, by improving the efficiency of the chemotherapy drugs3 and reducing its side effects on immune cells, liver and kidneys129.


Chronic pathogenic infections detrimentally strain immune system function, and weakens important defence mechanisms.  It is then that the opportunity for secondary infections dramatically increases. If the animal is suffering from a chronic infection, it is of utmost importance to support and strengthen immunity, and eradicate any pathological organism as far as possible. UNTAMED SKIN + provides powerful and well researched nutraceuticals with strong antimicrobial bio-actives to naturally support the immune defence system in destroying and removing these pathological organisms, and improve immune protection against future attacks.

Spirulina strengthens immune function and displays significant antimicrobial activity against multiple pathogenic fungi, bacteria, viruses, and parasites, like E. coli, P. vulgaris, C. albicans, S. aureus, B. subtilis55,66.  Research shows that it has pronounced anti-parasitic activity against parasites like Demodex canis which cause inflammatory skin infection 18.

Curcumin significantly stimulates immune protection against multiple bacteria, parasites, fungi, and viruses which weaken immune defences, and decrease the resistance of the skin against microbial infections.  Curcumin provides broad-spectrum antimicrobial protection 36,37,34,64,65 against:

  • bacteria like Staphylococcus epidermis, Staphylococcus aureus, Klebsiela pneumoniae, Helicobacter pylori, Escherichia coli, Salmonella and many others,
  • viruses like influenza viruses, herpes, coxsackie, hepatitis viruses, papilloma viruses, encephalitis viruses and many more,
  • and fungi like Cryptococcus neoformans, Candida albicans, and other skin fungi like T rubrum, T. mentagrophytes, E. floccosum and M. gypseum, and parasites Schistosomas, Toxocara canis, Eimeria species, Plasmodium, Trypanosoma, Giardia lamblia, Leishmania and Cryptosporidium.

Burdock has antimicrobial activity against multiple bacteria like Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Escherichia coli, and Staphylococcus aureus, antifungal activity against Candida albicans40,41, and antiviral activity against Herpes viruses and adenovirus42.  These antimicrobial properties give Burdock significant potential for the treatment of various inflammatory and infectious skin disorders like eczema, acne, boils, and psoriasis.

Astragalus is clinically indicated for chronic infections, immune deficiency, cancer, chronic wounds and lesions, liver infection and heart disease.  It demonstrates significant antiviral properties and enhances immune function by various mechanisms like: increasing phagocytic activity of white blood cells, increasing the production of immune mediators like interferon, and improving natural killer cell activity 94-95. Astragalus may further reverse damages to the immune systems caused by toxic substances, radiation and ageing 96.

Propolis, a protective substance in bee hives, has powerful inherent antimicrobial activity 97. Propolis demonstrates significant antibacterial activity against Gram-positive bacteria like Staphylococcus, Enterococcos, Bacillus, Pseudomonas, Salmonella, Mycobacterium, and E. coli.131-133 It inhibits the growth of various fungi like Candida species, Trichosporon and Rhodotorula species 130, which infect areas like the skin, ears, eyes, digestive tract and lungs. Research demonstrates its anti-parasitic effect against Giardia lamblia, Toxoplasmas, Leishmania, and Trypanosoma species 134,135. Propolis, used internally and applied externally, shows promising potential in the treatment of bacterial infections like Staphylococcus, external ear infections, fungal skin infection, parasites, immune deficiency, dental disease, eye infections and liver disease 98.


Inflammation is the initiation phase of all chronic disease states like: autoimmune disease, psoriasis, allergies, Alzheimer’s, joint disease, asthma, fibromyalgia, cognitive decline, learning and behavioural problems, inflammatory bowel disease, diabetes, heart disease, eczema, lupus, stroke and many more.  Inflammation can exist for several years in an organism before clinical symptoms manifest.  It is triggered by factors like stress, allergens, toxins, unhealthy food, microbial infections and autoimmunity.  Inflammation can occur in two stages. The first stage, acute inflammation, is mediated by the immune system to heal damaged or infected tissue.  However, if the inflammation persists, chronic inflammation sets in which predisposes the organism to degenerative disease.  The constituents in UNTAMED SKIN+ is validated by research to provide effective anti-inflammatory protection against multiple inflammatory agents. They therefore support the body’s natural defenSe systems to initiate efficient tissue regeneration, alleviating the risk of chronic inflammation, and promoting restoration of all body tissues, including the skin.

Spirulina is a rich source of anti-inflammatory antioxidants like phycocyanin and beta carotene.  It is supported by numerous animal studies for its pronounced protective action against inflammatory insult form environmental toxins, heavy metals, chemicals, drugs, and inflammation.  Spirulina inhibits oxidative stress and inflammation caused by these agents, and significantly alleviates associated pathological degeneration56-63.

Curcumin, a powerful antioxidant, reduces inflammation by multiple mechanisms like inhibiting pro-inflammatory signaling, inhibiting immune cell migration to the active site of inflammation, and reducing excessive existing inflammation by decreasing the activity of inflammatory enzymes29-35.  Both Spirulina and Curcumin have remarkable wound healing abilities.

Burdock enhances systemic antioxidant protection and scavenges inflammatory free radicals.  It also inhibits the release of inflammatory mediators like histamine and prostaglandins38.  Burdock can also inhibit excessive production of nitric oxide which is involved in multiple inflammatory disorders like rheumatoid arthritis, autoimmunity, atherosclerosis and chronic inflammation39.

Some of the anti-inflammatory effects of Propolis include suppression of leukotrine and prostaglandin inflammatory mediators, and the lipoxygenase pathway in arachidonic metabolism.  Subsequently it may alleviate inflammatory symptoms like swelling, discomfort, and pain.136-138

Schisandra, owing to its anti-inflammatory properties, is effectively used for the treatment of various inflammatory and allergic skin conditions like contact dermatitis,87 and eczema.


UNTAMED SKIN+ is fortified with three superfoods: SPIRULINA, WHEY PROTEIN CONCENTRATE and KELP.

Spirulina has exceptional nutritional properties with its rich composition of antioxidants, protein, fatty acids, fibre, vitamins and minerals. It serves as a prebiotic, supporting a healthy digestive environment; enhances physical performance 111,112; improves insulin sensitivity and blood glucose control108,110; supports immune function, protecting against allergies113; provides marked antioxidant protection; supports detoxification of toxic chemicals and heavy metals like fluoride, lead, cadmium, mercury and arsenic100-104, promotes liver health114; exerts neuroprotective effects, reducing the risk of cognitive decline, Alzheimer’s’ and Parkinson’s disease105-107; and reduces systemic degenerative inflammation.  Spirulina enhances overall health and wellbeing, and increases protection against various chronic disease like cardiovascular disease108,109, skin conditions, allergies, cancer, liver disease, and joint disease 99.

Whey Protein Concentrate, like the protein provided by Spirulina, is considered a complete protein source, containing all amino acids required for healthy physiological function. Protein is an essential component of all living cells, and a substrate for a multitude of physiological processes.  Whey Protein have significant anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and immune modulating properties. It enhances protection against toxins, viruses, and bacteria, reduces the risk of various cancers, promotes cardiovascular-, liver-, digestive and hormonal health, maintains healthy skin and bone, supports healthy body weight, and promotes a sense of wellbeing.  Whey protein contains amino acids which form vital structural components in muscle cells, ligaments and tendons. Insufficient protein intake predisposes the animal to poor condition, muscle wasting, osteoporosis, impaired recovery after injury or training, and decreased mental ability. Protein-rich diets promote healthy body condition and supports general well-being.120-121

Kelp is a nutrient-dense seaweed, rich in minerals, proteins, antioxidants, and bio-actives that are not present in terrestrial foods.  Kelp supplementation is associated with significant antiviral protection, reduced gum disease and plague formation on teeth122, enhanced cardiovascular health, improved body composition, decreased risk of diabetes and metabolic syndrome, improved digestive health, neuroprotection, decreased risk of cancer, maintenance of bone mineral density, improved joint mobility, and decreased joint pain associated with arthritis115-119.


• Allergic & Auto-Immune Skin Reactions
• Food Sensitivity Symptoms
• Acute/Chronic Skin Infections
• Dull/Dry/Itchy/Inflamed Skin
• Breath & Body Odour

Mix the suggested serving size with some water, bone broth or Untamed Droëwors Sprinkles into dry kibble or raw food.
Small pets (<10KG): 1/4 teaspoon, 2X daily
Medium size pets (10KG-20KG): 1/4 – 1/2 teaspoon, 2X daily
Larger pets (20-40KG): 1/2 – 1 teaspoon, 2X daily
X-Large pets (40KG+): 1 rounded teaspoon (3.3g), 2X daily

Maintenance use: The serving size may be halved once the skin has healed completely.

*For those with poor appetite, mix with plain yoghurt/coconut oil/bone broth, or mix with water & gently syringe in the side of the mouth.
*For acute skin conditions, 3 months SKIN+ supplementation is recommended to treat the underlying cause.
*SKIN+ can be used long term to improve and maintain overall well-being, and strengthen the condition of the skin.

30-120 days supply (depending on the size of your pet).One 200g tub will last a large dog up to 40 days.

In case of severe, acute infections/illness, consult your veterinarian for proper diagnosis. This product may be used in a supportive capacity with the medications your vet is prescribing. Please consult your veterinarian.  Use as advised by your vet if on non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication. Not recommended for animals with cholelithiasis. Not for use during pregnancy or nursing. Discontinue use in case of an allergic/adverse reaction. This product nor its information, is intended to substitute the professional advice or prescription of your veterinarian, and does not claim to treat, cure or prevent disease. Store at cool, dry temperatures.
***Due to the detoxification action of Untamed Skin+, the skin might initially become a little redder as the skin helps to eliminate the toxins.  This is only an acute reaction, after which the skin will start healing. 

Excessively large servings may cause gastrointestinal upset and headaches. Reduce the serving size, or in case of an allergic reaction, avoid use.


•SKIN+ does not function like cortisone, which temporarily suppresses inflammatory symptoms.It rather targets underlying disease-causing imbalances, increasing recovery and bringing your pet to better health. Healing from the inside will reflect on the outside with a healthy skin and coat.

•Please note that with natural treatment, in a very small number of pets, the skin condition might at first seem slightly worse at the onset of treatment, but will clear after two to three weeks as the body rids itself of inflammatory wastes and toxins.

• Some pets amazingly experience complete relief within the first few days of using SKIN+.Other pets may require more time to heal, due to constant challenges from an unhealthy environment, or more serious skin conditions that may require veterinary intervention. Successful treatment of an underlying condition will need at least three months.

•Although the skin may be cleared within the first few days to weeks, it is suggested that SKIN+ should be used for at least three months to strengthen a pet’s resistance, following acute illness/infection/trauma.

•If used long-term, SKIN+ is extremely beneficial as a daily health supplement.It helps to improve overall health and longevity, whilst maintaining the skin’s resistance and improving its condition.

•The ingredients in SKIN+ are carefully selected according to their safety profile and extremely low risk of side effects. These ingredients also provide protection to your pet against the side effects of conventional medication by enhancing natural detoxification, supporting the health of the liver, kidney and immune system, and protecting the integrity of the digestive system.

•SKIN+ can be used in supportive capacity with conventional medication, and with the help of your veterinarian, your pet may be able to use less conventional medication as treatment continues.

•Most pets can’t wait for their next meal with SKIN+, but you might have a very picky eater.Please view our article: for advice on how to make any natural supplement more palatable to your pet.

•If your pet’s skin has not improved on SKIN+ within the first four weeks of treatment, please visit your veterinarian for proper skin analysis and diagnosis.

May your pet greatly benefit from everything SKIN+ has to offer!

1. How does SKIN+ compare to cortisones?
SKIN+ does not function like cortisones. It does not serve as an instant fix, which temporarily suppresses constant inflammatory symptoms. It rather targets underlying disease-causing imbalances, encouraging recovery and bringing your pet to better health. Healing from the inside will reflect on the outside with a healthy skin and coat.
SKIN+ also does not have the adverse effects of cortisone and other conventional medications.Instead, it protects the pet against immune system challenges, osteoporosis, digestive impairment, weight gain, muscle degeneration,and nervous system impairment caused by corticosteroids.

2. Can my pet use SKIN+ and cortisones together?
SKIN+ can be used in supportive capacity with conventional medication.With the help of your veterinarian, your pet may be able to use less conventional medication as treatment continues, or may be weaned off cortisone completely. As mentioned above, SKIN+ is formulated to adjust underlying disease-causing imbalances, and to protect your pet against the side effects of cortisone.

3. How long will it take before I see an improvement in my pet’s skin/coat?
According to our clients’ testimonials, most pets experience significant relief within the first few days of using SKIN+. Other pets may require more time to heal, due to constant challenges from an unhealthy environment, infection, an unbalanced/allergenic diet, genetic disposition to skin conditions, autoimmunity, or more serious conditions that may require additional veterinary intervention. For treatment of acute skin conditions, it is advised to supplement with SKIN+ for at least three months to treat underlying imbalances, which caused the symptoms of the skin condition.

4. For what duration should I supplement my pet with SKIN+?
Although your pet’s skin may heal completely within the first month of using SKIN+, it is advised to continue supplementation for at least three months for acute skin conditions. However,SKIN+ is extremely beneficial when used long term to daily protect your pet from harmful toxins, micro-organisms, and nutrient imbalances.It encourages healthy function of the brain, nerves, kidneys, liver, heart, digestive system, immune system, hormonal system and reproductive system.

5. Will my pet like the taste of SKIN+?
Pets absolutely love the taste of SKIN+, and therefore it is important to keep the container out of their reach. They might just help themselves to the treat!
However, some human parents just love veggies, while others would hide them under the gem squash skin.You may also have a fussy eater, or an ill or older pet that struggles to eat.It would be best to then cook them some pure bone broth, freeze it, and use it as needed to naturally enhance the flavor of their meals or supplements. Mix the SKIN+ into their meals with some bone broth. You may also try these following tips: (Please follow the link)

6. When should I take my pet to the vet for treatment of a skin condition?
To rule out any serious illness, it is always wise to have your pet checked at the vet for skin analysis and proper diagnosis.They might test for fungal, bacterial or parasitic infections.They also have allergy tests available if they believe the condition to be an allergy.These allergy tests are rather costly, and do not test all types of allergens, but will give you a better idea of the most common allergens your pet should avoid.

7. What makes SKIN+ unique in comparison to other skin remedies?
*SKIN+ contains high quality, high potency, human grade extracts.These are all certified.
*SKIN+ contains no gluten, sugar, soy, artificial flavors, preservatives, colorants or other additives. It is completely natural.
*Each ingredient is carefully chosen for its high safety profile and scientifically proven effectiveness.
*SKIN+ is formulated to treat underlying disease-causing imbalances, and encourage optimal function of multiple body systems that are implicated in skin conditions.
*SKIN+ is rich in super foods which encourage overall health, and is fortified with healing plant extracts to help treat various skin conditions.


• Turmeric -95% extract (Curcuma longa) 200mg/3.3g
• Astragalus extract (Astragalus membranaceus) 100mg/3.3g
• Burdock extract (Arctium lappa) 100mg/3.3g
• Propolis Concentrate 100mg/3.3g
• Schisandra extract (Schisandra chinensis) 100mg/3.3g
• Spirulina (Arthrospira platensis) 1500mg/3.3g
• Whey Protein Concentrate 1000mg/3.3g
• Kelp (Ascophyllum nodosum) 200mg/3.3g

R281.00 – R465.00


Untamed Skin+ is an absolutely amazing product!
I was at wits end with my girl Oona’s skin and didn’t want to keep on using cortisone. Her physiotherapist recommended Skin+ and I was at the point to try ANYTHING. I cannot believe the difference! She not scratching anymore, her fur is thick and super soft. She is a rescue dog and had terrible mange. We were able to treat the mange but she was always itchy, she would scratch herself raw. But now that’s all in the past. Your product… Wow!!
THANK YOU from me and Oona ❤️

“I can not say enough about the Untamed Animal Health products. I have been using Skin+ for a while now with my dog Lisa who has atopic dermatitis and been so happy with the results. The dog pictured here is Gracie. She was run over last year by a truck. Although she didn’t initially have a wound on her back from the accident, her back started festering. Nothing I applied topically worked. One area would heal and another area would open up. The vet said that most likely the area was compromised by a lack of circulation. I was getting desperate so decided to try the Skin+ on her too. It has taken a couple of months but I am happy to say her back has finally healed.” Yvonne

“We’ve struggled for years with our Peiby’s skin. After numerous Vet visits, most expensive prescription diets, years on and off cortisone and other meds, crazy shampoo’s, we thought this is it, we can just try and keep it under control. Seeing him like that broke our hearts. Finally, with the very helpful recommendations from Jean-Marie and the awesome product from Untamed Animal Health, SKIN+, Our Mowgli is a brand new Pei!
We have two Sharpei’s on the Skin+. Both have more energy, and are just over all more happy doggies (the 8 years we had Mowgli he NEVER played fetch until now)! He is even growing back hair on the tip of his tail that NEVER had hair on. We are trying other products from Untamed Animal Health that also seem to work great. Its not just that the products are great, but the overall service, follow ups and awesome advice. I would really recommend Untamed SKIN+ to any fur baby owner struggling with their baby’s coat.

“I just wanted to send you this. 3 pics side by side of Rhino’s back. First is before starting to use the product, second is 2 weeks later and last one is today. There are a few grey hairs in today’s pic because our boy is 13, but we have changed absolutely nothing except using your product and the difference is incredible.Untamed Skin+ is the most incredible product. We tried every different hypoallergenic food, different diets, creams, wipes, low-dose cortisone for months and nothing worked until we discovered Skin+.Our boy went from 5-6 courses of cortisone and allergex a year and constant itching and hair loss, to not one course since starting to use the product 2.5 years ago. No itching and the most beautiful coat he’s had in 5 years! Thanks to Untamed Animal Health for always responding quickly to messages and checking in to see how Rhino is doing.”Holly

“We are currently helping out with a bull terrier with chronic skin allergies (due to grass) and sinusitis. She was red and inflamed on her tummy and inner legs. She had the habit of scratching herself on the lawn which only worsened the reaction. The owner has tried everything. She changed the food and tried cortisone, but it only brought relief for a day or two before the itching returned. We then decided to try this new product Untamed SKIN+ on her. We were skeptical in the beginning, since we have tried so many other products without any success. For 25 years I have been involved with bullies and terriers and I therefore know what works and what not.

The owner mixed the powder with a little water into her food, once per day. After the first week the itching was better, but her skin was still very red. But one week later, the inflammation subsided. It was as if the product first cleansed her body from the inside to get rid of all toxins and inflammation.

We were astonished with the results. Following two weeks of treatment, the itching was gone and after 3 weeks the inflammation disappeared completely. We are in week four and her condition is exceptional. One day after treatment, even the sinusitis subsided. Her runny nose stopped and has not yet returned.

This is a natural product, which is not harmful to your dog, and works on the inside to bring about healing. If it helps for a bull terrier, it can help any dog.

We strongly recommend that you try it. We will keep you updated on her treatment.” Stephenette (Lusahn Bullterriers)

“Following photos and testimonials of other bull terrier owners that used SKIN+ with great success, I have decided to try SKIN+. We just moved from a house with artificial grass to one with real grass, which most probably triggered his skin allergy. I was tired of veterinary meds that only treated the symptoms temporarily, only for it to return after a short while. As last resort before the grass was to be removed, I have decided to give SKIN+ a go. After about 2.5 months his skin problem was, to my astonishment, completely healed, and I therefore decided to keep him on the product. He is also crazy about the taste.

The most interesting finding of all were the other benefits SKIN+ provided his overall health with. In 2016 my bully was diagnosed with EPILEPSY, with a recurring seizure every 3rd month. This diagnosis took us completely by surprise because he was young and healthy. Medication was not an option, as the seizure incidents were still far apart, and we did not want to expose him to the side effects of long-term medication. And about 4 months ago the epilepsy just vanished. It is an absolute miracle! I now have both my bull terriers on Untamed Animal Health supplements and can only testify to it with praise.

Thank you… from a very greatful and healthy bull terrier…and his owners!”