“I just wanted to give you a little bit of feedback on my experience with the Untamed Calm product. My word it’s really worth it. We have a young pointer male that was struggling with focus during training after he hit puberty.

It made an incredible difference to his general demeanor and focus, he is mostly back to being his old self and no longer works himself into histeria during his play time. He is much more relaxed in general with his day to day routine and is finally enjoying his focused training again instead of being so overwhelmed with scents and sounds surrounding him.

Really pleased with the product as I didn’t get as good results with other products on the market.

Thank you!!” Danelle

“Our Monty was recently run over by a car. Unfortunately he sustained multiple injuries to his legs, and eventually lost his front leg. Except for the Untamed REJUVENMAX, which he has loved and used for many months, Jeanne-Marie from Untamed Animal Health, also recommended that we start him on PEAK FORM to enhance the recovery process. Monty recovered remarkably well. Within one week he was back on our 3 ha small holding, running around and digging holes on his three legs, like nothing has ever happened to him! His speedy recovery and lively personality, can truly be attributed to much love, care, his healthy diet, and these two products from Untamed.” Emile

“I have been using Untamed Skin+ on my 10 year old epileptic Border Collie, Astra, for 4 months.
She was diagnosed with severe chronic stomach inflammation as a result of one of her epilepsy medications. I chose Skin+ as it works on healing the digestive system. Her stomach is now normal and she is a healthy, happy dog again.
A unexpected bonus of Skin+ is that Astra’s urinary tract infection, which she lives with permanently, has cleared up!
I had previously tried various products that claim to prevent urinary tract infections, but nothing worked.
Untamed Skin+ is a fantastic product for detoxing the body, and boosting the immune system. Astra’s 6 monthly liver enzyme test results were normal, despite having been on Phenobarbitone for 5 years.
I highly recommend this range of supplements for a wide variety of conditions, and have been very impressed by Dr Lambrecht’s knowledge, helpfulness, and great service.”
Sylvia Korpel
Veterinary Nurse and rehab practitioner

“Our 14 year old Golden retriever, Luca, has been on Untamed Hip & Joint powder for the past 6 months. Wow, what a difference this wonderful product has made to her quality of life! Before the powder, we used to take her for a slow stroll to the park, but now I cannot keep up with her! I can highly recommend this product and I am very impressed with the company’s customer service “Melissa

“Untamed REJUVENMAX is a wonderful product that we have tried on Mr O-Lee our 12 yr old pekingese. His day used to consist of mealtimes…10 mins walking outside and sleep… He slept for most of the day.. Now he suddenly has more energy, his eyes are sparkly, and he plays with his toys… A totally different boy.” Lindi

My Scottie had a patch of hair missing on her body, the vet tried a few things but nothing worked for the hair loss. I have been using the product for a month now and her hair has grown back. This product has really been amazing and my dogs love it over there food or even in there water.