“On Thursday 12 July 2018 Bella, a wild cat at that time, was caught in the fire as our business burned down. We found her that Monday morning between the burnt rubble, and immediately rushed her to the vet. She suffered form severe and life-threatening wounds. Dr Sandy Waddingham from Hermanus Animal Hospital did everything she possibly could to save her life, and after two months, Bella could come home with us. We are so thankful for everybody’s prayers, love and support for her during this time. Untamed Animal Health gave Bella REJUVENMAX, which she had twice per day with soft high-protein food, to strengthen her resistance and help her recover. Dr Sandy felt that Bella would forever be housebound because of the injuries that affected her mobility, especially to her little paws. They said that she might never be able to climb or jump again. She however recovered so remarkably well, and quickly started exploring the garden. She is now jumping onto the couches and even running again. Today I found her on the wall! Her coat has also recovered significantly, and is soft and thick. Although she lost the cushions under her paws, her wounds recovered completely. I can surely vouch that Untamed REJUVENMAX helped her live again after that terrible fire.” Arina

“Harvey was bitten and got severe abscesses under the skin. The vet had to cut his skin away (about 10x10cm) to clear the abscesses, and at the same time neutered him.  When I initially picked him up from the vet after this operation, I thought he wouldn’t survive the rest of the week, and had to consider putting him down.  He had no appetite (caused severe weight loss), no energy, and on top of it all, he was sick (coughing and sneezing).  His immune system was completely shut down.  After giving him Untamed SKIN+, I saw a change (it took about two days).  He started eating more frequently, and stopped the sneezing and coughing.  He also started moving around more.  During this time he had his stitches removed and the wound tore open.  It took about a week after that to see a noticeable difference.  His wound was closing up and drying out.  Today, after 4 weeks, his hair is 70% grown back (after I was told there could be a chance that there will be little to no hair growth).  He is now bouncing off the walls with energy and eats more than ever before.  This supplement really works!!” Chanel