Review: For Rhino – Untamed Skin+

“I just wanted to send you this. 3 pics side by side of Rhino’s back. First is before starting to use the product, second is 2 weeks later and last one is today. There are a few grey hairs in today’s pic because our boy is 13, but we have changed absolutely nothing except using your product and the difference is incredible. Untamed Skin+ is the most incredible product. We tried every different hypoallergenic food, different diets, creams, wipes, low-dose cortisone for months and nothing worked until we discovered Skin+. Our boy went from 5-6 courses of cortisone and allergex a year and constant itching and hair loss, to not one course since starting to use the product 2.5 years ago. No itching and the most beautiful coat he’s had in 5 years!  Thanks to Untamed Animal Health for always responding quickly to messages and checking in to see how Rhino is doing.”Holly

Review: For Danelle’s pointer boy – Untamed Calm

“I just wanted to give you a little bit of feedback on my experience with the  Untamed Calm product. My word it’s really worth it. We have a young pointer male that was struggling with focus during training after he hit puberty.

It made an incredible difference to his general demeanour and focus, he is mostly back to being his old self and no longer works himself into histeria during his play time. He is much more relaxed in general with his day to day routine and is finally enjoying his focused training again instead of being so overwhelmed with scents and sounds surrounding him.

Really pleased with the product as I didn’t get as good results with other products on the market.

Thank you!!” Danelle

Review: For Monty – Untamed Peak Form & Untamed Rejuvenmax

“Our Monty was recently run over by a car. Unfortunately he sustained multiple injuries to his legs, and eventually lost his front leg. Except for the Untamed REJUVENMAX, which he has loved and used for many months, Jeanne-Marie from Untamed Animal Health, also recommended that we start him on PEAK FORM to enhance the recovery process.  Monty recovered remarkably well. Within one week he was back on our 3 ha small holding, running around and digging holes on his three legs, like nothing has ever happened to him!  His speedy recovery and lively personality, can truly be attributed to much love, care, his healthy diet, and these two products from Untamed.” Emile

Review: For Astra – Untamed Skin+

“I have been using UT Skin+ on my 10 year old epileptic Border Collie, Astra, for 4 months.
She was diagnosed with severe chronic stomach inflammation as a result of one of her epilepsy medications. I chose Skin+ as it works on healing the digestive system. Her stomach is now normal and she is a healthy, happy dog again.
A unexpected bonus of Skin+ is that Astra’s urinary tract infection, which she lives with permanently, has cleared up!
I had previously tried various products that claim to prevent uti’s, but nothing worked.
Untamed Skin+ is a fantastic product for detoxing the body, and boosting the immune system. Astra’s 6 monthly liver enzyme test results were normal, despite having been on Phenobarbitone for 5 years.
I highly recommend this range of supplements for a wide variety of conditions, and have been very impressed by Jeanne-Marie’s knowledge, helpfulness, and great service.”
Sylvia Korpel
Veterinary Nurse and rehab practitioner

Review: For Mr Miyagee – Untamed Calm

“Mr Miyagee is proud to be associated as Brand Ambassador with Untamed Animal Health Essentials.

Being in the spotlight 24/7 with a lifestyle that calls for travelling nation wide can be demanding on a tiny little dog like Mr Miyagee.  We tested Untamed’s CALM during our visit to WODAC. Mr Miyagee started to use CALM 2 days before boarding the plane with amazing effects.  Not only did it make him enjoy his flight, he came out of his crate tail-wagging with licks and kisses. It also assisted him to focus during his busy schedule with media interviews, meet and greet and of course hugs and kisses from thousands of people at WODAC.

Any pet owner will understand that, like humans, anxiety is inevitable at some point, and is heightened during travel by plane or car.  Untamed Animal Health’s CALM comes highly recommended.  Whether you are visiting the vet for a health check, a trip to the grooming salon, or as mentioned travelling by car or plane, your much-loved pet may be sensitive to these deviations from his normal routine and ordinary lifestyle.  The good news is, that for all of these situations, CALM can be used to reassure your pet.CALM can be used for both short-term and long-term benefits.

Its the best product by far and gets 10/10 from Mr Miyagee.  This product, like all of the other products in the Untamed Animal Health range, really proved that its packed, not only with goodness, but lived up to the stats and info on the label.  A little really goes a long way!” Lindi Pieterse

Review: For Gracie – Untamed Skin+

“I can not say enough about the Untamed Animal Health products. I have been using Skin+ for a while now with my dog Lisa who has atopic dermatitis and been so happy with the results. The dog pictured here is Gracie. She was run over last year by a truck. Although she didn’t initially have a wound on her back from the accident, her back started festering. Nothing I applied topically worked. One area would heal and another area would open up. The vet said that most likely the area was compromised by a lack of circulation. I was getting desperate so decided to try the Skin+ on her too. It has taken a couple of months but I am happy to say her back has finally healed.” Yvonne

Review: For Thor – Untamed Rejuvenmax

“We rescued Thor when he was 6 months old from a township in Cape Town. He was in a terrible condition when we got him but he has come a long way and has just turned 4 years in his new home London, where we have just immigrated to. He has, however, always suffered with stomach problems over the years and we only really got to the bottom of it last year (2018) after many tests. We contacted Jeanne-Marie, from Untamed Animal Health, on a Sunday afternoon begging for help, as he was not eating, on about 10 pills a day, lost a lot of weight and still kept getting sick – all this only a few weeks before he was to be put on a plane to his new home! She was incredibly kind and helpful and suggested we try the Rejuvenmax to get his immune system and gut healthy again. We have been using it ever since, and Thor has never been as healthy as he is now. He is now a healthy (and fat) ball of fluff that will forever be grateful of the kindness and help of Jeanne-Marie and their incredible product (that we now get posted to us in the UK!)” Tamlyn

Review: For Finn – Untamed Peak Form

“My dog (Finn) and I compete in agility. I had him on Untamed PEAK FORM before the South African agility championships. He did amazing at the championships. He was so toned, recovered quickly, and thank goodness he had no injuries.

I had so many comments about how well he looked. He was overall in great shape.

He is off PEAK FORM now as we are taking a break. But as soon as we start training again, he’s going straight back on PEAK FORM in preparation for the Agility World Championships happening in October in Sweden.

Thanks so much for a great product. We would love to try some of the others.” Jana

Review: For Mowgli – Untamed Skin+

“We’ve struggled for years with our Peiby’s skin. After numerous Vet visits, most expensive prescription diets, years on and off cortisone and other meds, crazy shampoo’s, we thought this is it, we can just try and keep it under control. Seeing him like that broke our hearts. Finally, with the very helpful recommendations from Jean-Marie and the awesome product from Untamed Animal Health, SKIN+, Our Mowgli is a brand new Pei!
We have two Sharpei’s on the Skin+. Both have more energy, and are just over all more happy doggies (the 8 years we had Mowgli he NEVER played fetch until now)! He is even growing back hair on the tip of his tail that NEVER had hair on. We are trying other products from Untamed Animal Health that also seem to work great. Its not just that the products are great, but the overall service, follow ups and awesome advice. I would really recommend Untamed SKIN+ to any fur baby owner struggling with their baby’s coat.

Review: For Leo – Untamed Rejuvenmax

“What great products! My lab suffered from an upset stomach and I contacted Untamed Animal Health. They recommended the Rejuvenmax. Within 2 days he was back to normal and all symptoms were gone. Jeanne-Marie also gave great advice and is very knowledgeable. And Leo LOVES the product! He gets so excited when he sees the little Rejuvenmax container!!

Review: For Gracie – Untamed Hip & Joint and Untamed Peak Form

“Gracie is 14 yo. She had a tragic accident about 5 months ago when she was run over by truck. Her pelvis was broken in two places, her femur head had to be removed and her back was very sore. I have seen such an amazing change in her since starting Peak Form and more recently Hip and Joint” Yvonne Zwiegelaar

Review: For Harry – Untamed Skin+

“My boy, Harry, is doing so well since we started using Untamed SKIN+. He has always suffered terribly with allergies but I thought we had them under control until a month or two ago. His vet had warned me that it could be a bad allergy season because of the drought and he was right. Harry started scratching and biting himself to bleeding point, something he hadn’t done in about 3 years. I remember his trainer saying she had started using your skin product on her dogs and it had worked wonders, so I decided to give it a try with Harry. Within a week, he had reduced his biting and scratching and within two weeks, his fur was growing back in those areas. Those spots are now completely healed and, while he still gets itchy every now and then, it’s nothing compared to what it was.

I am so grateful for your product!”

Review: For Nerina’s fur babies – Untamed Rejuvenmax & Untamed Peak Form

“I am very impressed with REJUVENMAX and in fact all the Untamed products. My Flatcoated retriever lost condition as well as a huge amount of her coat after raising a litter of puppies. Once the puppies were weaned I put her onto REJUVENMAX to give her a boost. Her condition quickly returned and as testament to this, 6 months post puppies I entered her in Championship Breed Shows and she took Best of Breed at every show and was place in the Gundog Group repeatedly. We received many compliments i.r.o. her condition and many people would not believe she had recently had puppies. I highly recommend this product and have now got all of my dogs on it. The ingredients address many of the concerns and predispositions of my breeds being Flatcoated Retrievers and Standard Poodles. Our 12 year old rescue is also enjoying the benefits of REJUVENMAX in his golden years. My Flatcoated Retrievers are all active in many dog disciplines being Field Trials, Breed Shows, Obedience etc. and also enjoy the benefits of PEAK FORM. As a Distributor of Raw Gold I recommend and sell the Untamed Products having witnessed the wonderful results and benefits of these products.”
Nerina Napoli – Raw Gold

Review: For Bella – Untamed Rejuvenmax

“On Thursday 12 July 2018 Bella, a wild cat at that time, was caught in the fire as our business burned down.  We found her that Monday morning between the burnt rubble, and immediately rushed her to the vet. She suffered form severe and life-threatening wounds.  Dr Sandy Waddingham from Hermanus Animal Hospital did everything she possibly could to save her life, and after two months, Bella could come home with us.  We are so thankful for everybody’s prayers, love and support for her during this time. Untamed Animal Health gave Bella REJUVENMAX, which she had twice per day with soft high-protein food, to strengthen her resistance and help her recover.  Dr Sandy felt that Bella would forever be housebound because of the injuries that affected her mobility, especially to her little paws. They said that she might never be able to climb or jump again.  She however recovered so remarkably well, and quickly started exploring the garden.  She is now jumping onto the couches and even running again. Today I found her on the wall! Her coat has also recovered significantly, and is soft and thick.  Although she lost the cushions under her paws, her wounds recovered completely.  I can surely vouch that Untamed REJUVENMAX helped her live again after that terrible fire.” Arina

Review:Dexter and Silly Lilly – Untamed Hip & Joint & Untamed Calm

“I bought Untamed HIP & JOINT, which is amazing.  My staffie, Dexter (11 years), started yelping when he wanted to jump up or down furniture (resulted with him sitting and sulking on the floor and not even wanting to attempt a jump). With him being on HIP & JOINT for more than a month now he is doing so MUCH better – jumping up the couch with no trouble, and even jumping onto our rather high bed.  You can now touch his hips without any reaction that he is feeling pain.

Dexter also has anxiety to loud noises.  Untamed CALM is very good after feedings in the morning and late afternoon, and helps him to be calm and collected.

It must taste good too (although the green looks weird :-)) –  we mix it with a bit of raw pet food and they can’t wait to gulp it up. Our 4 year old staffie, Lilly, is also getting the supplements as she tends to sleep on the one hip, and then have a bit of a limp when getting up.  She is starting with these supplements at a young age, and is probably going to outlive us all! “Jacolet

Review: For Luca – Untamed Hip & Joint

“Our 14 year old Golden retriever, Luca, has been on Untamed Hip & Joint powder for the past 6 months. Wow, what a difference this wonderful product has made to her quality of life! Before the powder, we used to take her for a slow stroll to the park, but now I cannot keep up with her! I can highly recommend this product and I am very impressed with the company’s customer service “Melissa

Review: For Luba – Untamed Calm

“Our beautiful and beloved bullie started becoming extremely obsessed with chasing shadows about a month ago. She would chase shadows all do long, and it was difficult to get her focus on anything else. She changed from being an engaging, playful pet to an over-obsessed, anxious dog.  We then started her on Untamed CALM twice daily, and started seeing results after one week. She is now noticeably calmer and enjoys being her mom’s cuddle bear again.Thank you Untamed!!”Annelize

Review: For Mr O-Lee – Untamed Rejuvenmax

“Untamed REJUVENMAX is a wonderful product that we have tried on Mr O-Lee our 12 yr old pekingese. His day used to consist of mealtimes…10 mins walking outside and sleep… He slept for most of the day.. Now he suddenly has more energy, his eyes are sparkly, and he plays with his toys… A totally different boy.” Lindi

Review: For Alison’s labs – Untamed Hip & Joint

“My labs have all been on various joint powders but the response from Untamed Hip & Joint was marked. Although they are all older dogs we can still enjoy three hour walks on the mountain thanks to this product. I highly recommend it.” Alison Steinhaus

Review: For Stormy – Untamed Peak Form

“My 15 1/2 yo Stormy doing fabulously on Untamed Peak Form” Yvonne Zwiegelaar

Review: For Shaley & Bruni – Untamed Skin+ and Hip & Joint

“My 2 dogs have been on Untamed Animal Health products for 4 months now and what a difference. Bruni is on Untamed SKIN+ and now no longer needs daily anti-histamines for his itchy skin and paws (except when he gets into yet another argument with a bee!) Shayley has been taking Untamed Hip & Joint for her arthritic hip and, despite injuring her wrist recently, leading us to discover arthritis in her wrist as well, is acting like a puppy again and has been able to go back to swimming for the first time in nearly 18 months! I would definitely recommend the Untamed Animal Health range.” Janet

Review: For Victoria – Untamed Rejuvenmax

“To all the wonderful people who saved Victoria
It is now hard to imagine Victoria, tearing off to meet a likely playmate and new nice humans she has spotted on our walks, splashing joyously through streams or busily finding chewable treasures in the garden and house is the same puppy who just over two months ago, was wholly paralysed with tetanus, unable even to cry out or blink her eyes when the terrible convulsions wracked her stiff body.
This letter is a tribute to the many people who helped to bring about the miracle of getting Victoria through this cruel, very rare and usually fatal bacterial disease for which there is no straightforward cure except prolonged and expert 24-hour care. The care Victoria received at Steenberg Vet and the Cape Animal Medical Centre is testimony to the reason that South African vets and nurses are esteemed world over. They were superb and along with the reception staff went far, far beyond giving just their expertise in the love they all lavished on Victoria. No wonder Victoria now bounces through their doors looking forward to seeing her old human chums who had cuddled and cherished her.
Another crucial aspect of Victoria’s recovery is the first-rate physiotherapy that she received as a most generous gift from Lorren Barham of Pet Wellness Worx and from Renée Baard and Sheneé Dery of Southerneddge Veterinary Therapy when she came out of hospital. The combination of Victoria’s bones growing faster than her ligaments had been able to stretch in hospital made expert massage and exercises essential. It was wonderful to see how Victoria’s stiffness disappeared and how a skew right front foot straightened under their capable and thorough hands. ?Two other generous donations have augmented the physiotherapy, Victoria has been having REJUVENMAX twice a day, an excellent product donated and produced by UNTAMED ANIMAL HEALTH. We feel sure this has helped her steady gain of weight and general exuberant well -being.? “Victoria’s mom

For Yolandi’s scottie girl – Untamed Skin+

My Scottie had a patch of hair missing on her body, the vet tried a few things but nothing worked for the hair loss. I have been using Untamed Skin+ for a month now and her hair has grown back. This product has really been amazing and my dogs love it over there food or even in there water.

Review: For Mr Miyagee – Untamed Rejuvenmax

“Little Mr Miyagee, is-Pet Mall SA’s Dare 2 Care Ambassador, a Show dog, Emotional Support pet and Theraphy dog in training.

With such a demanding schedule Mr Miyagee keeps in top shape by using Untamed Animal Health REJUVENMAX powder 2 x daily with his yoghurt snack.

He has lots of energy even after a long day of inspiring thousands of kids at schools, interviews with the media..cuddles and kisses etc. REJUVENMAX helps to keep his body and mind healthy and protects it against the odds while out exploring many different venues, and meeting new kind of friends daily.” Lindi

For Beau – Untamed Skin+ & Peak Form

“BEAU is thriving on Untamed Animal Health’s PEAK FORM as well as SKIN+ to keep him in top condition. His muscle definition is more visible and the condition of his coat is as soft as silk. I give these products to all my other kids as well, to keep them all in top condition!” Michelle – QUE Bostons

Review: For BG – Untamed Skin+

“My parents and I have tried every cortisone cream on the market and every liquid you can think of to mix with their bullterrier girl BG’s food as well as a cortisone and antibiotic treatment from the local Vet. We also changed food brands, and nothing changed. Her skin condition just got worse.

So we ordered two 200g tubs of Untamed SKIN+, and started on the 8th of May 2018 by giving her 2x teaspoons per day with her food. At first it seemed as if the skin problem got worse, but we just kept on giving it to her. After 3 weeks we noticed that her skin is not so red and inflamed anymore. It just improved by the day. Her hair also started to grow back where the skin was so inflamed and itchy. We finished the second 200g container of Untamed SKIN+ last week. Her skin is almost healthy, but we are still going strong with the Untamed SKIN+. Something I find very interesting, is the fact that the natural black pigment spots on her skin, which almost vanished with the skin disease, had returned as she got healthier.

Thank you so much for a great product!!!!!” Magdaleen Strydom


“Our bull terrier, Luba, started developing a rash around the age of 2. Although her diet consisted of raw food, she still occasionally ate pieces of bread dropped by the kids. We started using anti-inflammatory gel which soothed the rash, but failed to heal it completely. This is when we started supplementing her food with Untamed SKIN+. SKIN+ took about two weeks to take effect, and within a month, we could see a significant improvement in the condition of her skin. We have been using the Untamed products for 4 months now, and as per the photo, you will notice the rash has dissappeared completely” Rickard


“Nina my canine athlete has been on Untamed Peak Form and Hip & Joint from UNTAMED for 3 weeks and already her back stiffness (normal for agility athletes) has improved. I’m very curious as to what her physio will say. Her muscle tone and strength also improved. I so wish I had access to this product in 2016 when she hurt her hock. Thank you UNTAMED for keeping my athlete strong and healthy. We will definitely recommend this product to anyone that want to improve health overall in their best friend. We also use it as a preventitive measure to injury, stiffness in joints and ageing. Also, if injury might occur it will help Nina with the recovery process, hence why I said earlier I wish I could’ve used it when she had her injury. And the BEST quality of this product everything is natural and all human grade so I know it’s safe if I can use it too. AND another plus is its very affordable too.” Leandre Wilson


“Following photos and testimonials of other bull terrier owners that used Untamed SKIN+ with great success, I have decided to try SKIN+. We just moved from a house with artificial grass to one with real grass, which most probably triggered his skin allergy. I was tired of veterinary meds that only treated the symptoms temporarily, only for it to return after a short while. As last resort before the grass was to be removed, I have decided to give SKIN+ a go. After about 2.5 months his skin problem was, to my astonishment, completely healed, and I therefore decided to keep him on the product. He is also crazy about the taste.

The most interesting finding of all were the other benefits SKIN+ provided his overall health with. In 2016 my bully was diagnosed with EPILEPSY, with a recurring seizure every 3rd month. This diagnosis took us completely by surprise because he was young and healthy. Medication was not an option, as the seizure incidents were still far apart, and we did not want to expose him to the side effects of long-term medication. And about 4 months ago the epilepsy just vanished. It is an absolute miracle! I now have both my bull terriers on Untamed Animal Health supplements and can only testify to it with praise.

Thank you… from a very greatfull and healthy bull terrier…and his owners!”

Baby & Morgan

By physiotherapist Sheneé Dery, from Southern Edge Veterinary Therapy:
“I have been treating Baby and Morgan for just over 1 year, for maintenance of compensatory soft tissue and joint discomfort due to osteoarthritis, from general aging and joint surgery. Since they have been taking Untamed Hip & Joint supplement, I have seen and felt an improvement in their joint ranges and comfort of movement within the affected joints.

I would definitely recommend this supplement to more of my clients.”


“Little Ayla and Marizelle Strydom wants to thank Untamed Animal Health for their generous sponsor towards her well-being for the AWC 2018. Ayla and her Team mates will be travelling to Sweden and Norway end of September, to take part in the Agility world Championships. Since using the Untamed PEAK FORM Condition and Performance powder, I can clearly see a difference in her energy levels and concentration. Thanks again! We really appreciate!

Lara's TRIO

“I have had two of my three dogs on Untamed PeakForm and the third on the Untamed Skin+ formula and I am so happy to have tried this range.
The Skin+ has left my Amstaff who has itchy and very sensitive skin with a beautiful, lustrous coat free from dry scales, bald spots, and red paws. She has stopped nipping and nibbling her paws and no more scratching and she is looking really wonderful and I’m sure feeling SO much better again! She has had much fewer ear issues as well since being on Skin+.

My other two dogs (Pitbull and a MastiffX) on the PeakForm have shown a remarkable increase in vitality and energy and their coats are also healthier, softer and shinier.

One of the most favourable things about these powders, is that they are palatable to my dogs. My fear was having sprinkled the powder over the food and then them turning their noses up at it, but no such thing happened (to my great relief!) I had no problems with them not wanting to eat their food and I only sprinkled the powder as is over their meals. They cannot wait to eat and devour every morsel and lick their bowls clean!

This is a great product and I will continue with these two formulations for my trio.
Jeanne-Marie has also been absolutely wonderful and incredibly helpful and the delivery of the items ordered was swift and prompt.

Many thanks to you all for such remarkable formulations to keep our dogs happy and healthy” Lara?


“Beast is doing very well on Untamed PEAK FORM. His muscle tone has improved and he is in fantastic condition. We are looking forward to show.” Lusahn Bull Terriers

Beast at his first show. Proud of you Beast – a true champion in blood and at heart!


“What a super product! My Roxy dog started ‘yelping’ when she moved one weekend. You could see she was not herself, having difficulty jumping up and down, slow to move, tail constantly between her legs. A friend referred me to Untamed Animal Health and within a week of Roxy being on the product she was running around like a young puppy again. She’s no longer a spring chicken so I’m hoping to keep her on the product to keep her healthy.” Pauline


After having cruciate ligament surgery our dog really suffered with joint pain and would limp a year after surgery just walking around the block. Since using Untamed Hip & Joint he is a new dog. He has his zest for life back, chases his ball, loves his walks and no limping. I am so impressed with this product and will continue to use it and recommend it to all.”Janine


Follow-up (4wks):“This is Ni-Laska of Keashan. She is 20 months of age. Since she has been on PEAK FORM, her focus during training has improved, and her muscles are more defined. She is also a show dog. We are very happy with the product.” Mardie

Follow-up (10wks):”Ni-Laska is doing very well!! Not sure if it is the product but boy she is strong!! I needed help to hold her back when we are doing bite work. Those muscles are so defined!” Mardie


“Malachi is looking a lot better. His skin is a lot cleaner, smoother and darker which I haven’t seen in years. His appetite has also picked up and he has picked up 5kg which is awesome and the vet says he’s finally up to a healthy weight.” Blake


“Jasper had great difficulty getting out of bed in the mornings. His hind legs were very stiff following his ACL operation. After using Untamed HIP & JOINT his condition has improved so much. He gets up a lot easier and is energetic. He is now in perfect condition.” Elmien


“My 4-month-old border collie (Chase) was accidently run over and terribly injured. His tail was broken, the bone separated from the spine at the base of the tail, his pelvis had multiple little fractures and his right hip was partially dislocated. Following a couple of intensive surgeries by Dr Morne de Wet, we started Chase on Untamed Animal Health’s Rejuvenmax to help with his recovery. Although he is a fussy eater, Chase was happy to have the supplement.

The combination of physiotherapy (thank you Danielle from Pets In Balance), great care from the vets and staff at The Cottage Vet, My Dad and the Rejuvenmax product from Untamed has all worked together to not only speed Chases recovery, but has allowed him to heal well and “balanced”. He is now eating better, his weight improved nicely, his coat looks great, his injured and atrophied muscles recovered exceptionally well, and his overall health looks really good.

I am optimistic that he will make a full recovery, and excel as a search and rescue dog.

My thanks and gratitude to Untamed Animal Health for your part in his recovery.” Lita


“Harvey was bitten and got severe abscesses under the skin. The vet had to cut his skin away (about 10x10cm) to clear the abscesses, and at the same time neutered him.  When I initially picked him up from the vet after this operation, I thought he wouldn’t survive the rest of the week, and had to consider putting him down.  He had no appetite (caused severe weight loss), no energy, and on top of it all, he was sick (coughing and sneezing).  His immune system was completely shut down.  After giving him Untamed SKIN+, I saw a change (it took about two days).  He started eating more frequently, and stopped the sneezing and coughing.  He also started moving around more.  During this time he had his stitches removed and the wound tore open.  It took about a week after that to see a noticeable difference.  His wound was closing up and drying out.  Today, after 4 weeks, his hair is 70% grown back (after I was told there could be a chance that there will be little to no hair growth).  He is now bouncing off the walls with energy and eats more than ever before.  This supplement really works!!” Chanel


“We are currently helping out with a bull terrier with chronic skin allergies (due to grass) and sinusitis. She was red and inflamed on her tummy and inner legs. She had the habit of scratching herself on the lawn which only worsened the reaction. The owner has tried everything. She changed the food and tried cortisone, but it only brought relief for a day or two before the itching returned. We then decided to try this new product Untamed SKIN+ on her. We were skeptical in the beginning, since we have tried so many other products without any success. For 25 years I have been involved with bullies and terriers and I therefore know what works and what not.

The owner mixed the powder with a little water into her food, once per day. After the first week the itching was better, but her skin was still very red. But one week later, the inflammation subsided. It was as if the product first cleansed her body from the inside to get rid of all toxins and inflammation.

We were astonished with the results. Following two weeks of treatment, the itching was gone and after 3 weeks the inflammation disappeared completely. We are in week four and her condition is exceptional. One day after treatment, even the sinusitis subsided. Her runny nose stopped and has not yet returned.

This is a natural product, which is not harmful to your dog, and works on the inside to bring about healing. If it helps for a bull terrier, it can help any dog.

We strongly recommend that you try it. We will keep you updated on her treatment.” Stephenette (Lusahn)


“Sparky was hit by a car when he was 4 months old and had femoral hip osteotomy.  We have tried various joint supplements, but have not really seen much change and also the issue with taste of the products has always been challenging. Sparky had to get use to the taste of Untamed HIP & JOINT,but with some patience, he quickly got used to it.  His vitality has improved and he seems less stiff in his hips. He is also more playful.” Mia


“Slightly more than a week ago, Untamed Animal Health came into our lives.  At that stage the situation seemed hopeless.  Mufasa (our bull terrier) had severe chronic skin allergies.  He scratched himself until it bled.  We tried everything.  We even changed his food and nothing helped.

One day I read an article on Facebook on how Untamed Animal Health, with SKIN+, helped a white bull terrier, who had the same problem like Mufasa. Now, exactly a week later, on SKIN+, his skin looks beautiful.  The scratching calmed down, the red bumps are basically gone and the redness has disappeared. Although he spent the whole day on the grass, there is no allergic reaction!!

We are really surprised by the results and so thankful for the wonderful help.  And all that in just one week!

Thank you so much for all your help Untamed Animal Health.  Our four legged child is now on the right track!” Horn family



“I have noticed that Mystic, my anxious border collie has become somewhat calmer when going out on walks since taking the Untamed Peak Form Supplement.  Mystic’s coat has also become so beautiful and soft” Sharon


“Jack is great – shiny healthy boy. Since supplementing with Untamed SKIN+, his fur is growing back on his feet and we seem to have won the battle with the licking (hold thumbs). I’m sure the improvement is not only due to the combination of SKIN+ and Efazol, but also that we no longer have any form of grass and he doesn’t drag in the sand (just rolls in it and brings dirt into the house – very proud of himself).He had a small growth removed from his skin (on his back) when he was a puppy and the hair never grew back on that patch, and now I see some long white hairs are growing over, so maybe it will recover completely!!


“Jody had a cruciate ligament repaired in 2016 and a meniscus in 2017.  She receives physio therapy and is recovering well.  She does however suffer from arthritis and experiences a lot of back and neck pain.  She has been on other joint supplements.  She is now coming on nicely on Untamed HIP & JOINT and suffering less back pain” Sharon

“With Jody on Untamed HIP & JOINT I have managed to stop giving her Petcam and Tramadol! This product is making a huge difference.Thanks so much!” Sharon


“Swannie started showing symptoms of hip dysplasia. His hips made constant clicking sounds when he got up from lying down, and he was stiff in the mornings. After one month of Untamed HIP & JOINT, Swannie is himself again. He is as playful and funny as a boxer can be. He gets up easier without those clicking sounds and enjoys a nice run around the neighborhood daily. My boy and I are very happy with HIP & JOINT, and he just loves the taste.” Wynand


“Elsa’s condition is amazing on Untamed Peak Form. Her physique is nicely toned and her coat is shinier than both her mom’s and her granddad’s. I truly believe in this product.” Monique


“I can’t believe the difference Untamed SKIN+ has made – it is incredible. Left is before, right is two weeks after. The hair has grown back amazingly, and condition of the skin has improved so much. Doesn’t look red and angry at all. And best of all, Rhino isn’t going mad scratching!” Holly


“This is the best product ever!! My yorkie could hardly walk due to torn ligaments in her lower back. After 2 weeks of using the Untamed HIP & JOINT she can run, and jump up against my leg !! Wow thank you for this excellent product!” Wanda


“Untamed Skin+ really makes a difference. I started on 29/01 and this is the difference after 4 weeks.” Elmaine